The year is 2016 pop music seems to be on the top of the charts., and dominating them. While not many people are willing to admit that they are fans are pop music its almost unavoidable.
Every once and while an artist releases an album that propels them to greater heights, and Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd did just that. So it’s no surprise that after only waiting a whole year to release a new album after having success with his previous album Beauty Behind the Madness; his new album would be well received by listeners.

Starboy which has now reached the top charts in multiple countries and has multiple song in the top charts. It’s safe to say this album was a commercial hit. The album has even hit an all-time high on Spotify and other streaming platforms which hit over 400 million streams collectively.

An impressive feat that not many artists can claim they did. With so many people streaming their music I would be surprised if those numbers rise. He was even able to get his entire album to chart. Which n it self is an amazing accomplishment.

In the last 2 weeks’ people have been talking about The Weeknd’s new album Starboy. After giving the album a few listens it’s definitely a change of pace from his older much darker work. The vibe is a lot more upbeat even though some lyrics’ kind of feel like they suggest otherwise.

The Weeknd has made a career for himself for having a usually darker sexual vibe. Each song in his new album giving a different vibe. Some giving an 80’s Michael Jackson vibe, it felt as though he was giving homage to the late artist.
The album starts off with the infectious beat of a song that can only be the work of Daft Punk. Starboy is the first song of the track list of many songs were The Weeknd being to accept his fame and whatever comes with it.

As each song plays it’s almost as the beat changes to match the flow of the words. The next song on his album and one of my favorite songs is False Alarm. A song that has a fast tempo that can have your heart racing. Almost as if it belongs in an action movie.

It doesn’t take multiple listens to figure out that he’s talking about a female who’s obsessed with material items and how she fell in love with flashing lights and the life that comes with being privileged.

One of my personal favorite song is True Colors. This song has a beat similar to his previous work. Slow and mellow with a drums kicking in every so often. The lyrics are what grabs your attention. True Colors is the song that goes after Secrets where The Weeknd sings about a female and all of the secrets that she has that, The Weeknd wants to know about because he knows she probably has a mysterious past.

That’s where True Colors comes in, in this song The Weeknd tells the female that he just wants to know about her past “her true colors”. The entire hook of the song is him asking her “Girl, come show me your true colors, Paint me a picture with your true colors, These are the questions of a new lover, …, Girl, come show me your true colors, Paint me a picture with your true colors, These are confessions of a new lover”. Which given a few listens it does make sense because if The Weeknd is speaking from experience than these are questions that anyone in a relationship would.


After giving the entire album a few listens, you could defiantly feel as though Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is growing as an artist. He’s breaking out if that shy singer with the darker mellow beats and high singing voice, and im glad it is happening. so that he can continue to evolve.