Racism has been a very real issue in the United States dating back to the time of slavery. It is no joke that this issue will ever cease to exist, especially with our new president-elect, Donald Trump.

Trump on Redefining Racism

It was never proven that Trump is in fact a racist but there has been many questionable comments made via twitter by the president-elect that have caused uproar on the subject.donald-trump-insults-11-celebs-with-downright-mean-tweets-president-obama-round-2


And It certainly doesn’t help that he promised to build a wall on the U.S. border of Mexico as soon as he gets in office. How are we supposed to alleviate hate and discrimination in our country when we are going to have a president whose goal is to keep us all separated and with zero respect for the equality of all people?

Many people are terrified of what America could potentially become when Trump is officially in office. There have been loads of buzz on social media regarding these concerns, especially by celebrities.

It is very important when trying to understand this issue and how to possibly alleviate it, that one goes to the point of origin. After researching, I found out that racism derived from capitalism of the slave trade.

Being called the “land of the free” really doesn’t seem too fitting for a country that once sold people for service. So have we progressed since then? Our country is still divided.

I understand that this issue is not just within the United States and that there have been horrific events globally as a result. From the Holocaust in Germany to Genocides in Africa, this issue has been dragged out for centuries.

I personally don’t understand how we’ve let this issue become so violent and deadly. It’s like everyday there’s a new story of shootings and hate crimes. What have we become?

What it truly comes down to is morality and the fact that it is a choice. You simply aren’t born racist, it is something that you are taught.

There is a lot of truth behind the fact that racism is also connected with certain generations. Depending on when you were born also contends to the fact of being racist or not because at different times, there were different norms.

I know for a fact that when my dad was growing up in South Philly in the ’60s, the neighborhoods were strictly segregated and  heavily enforced. It was that way for a reason back then but it still wasn’t right then as much as it’s not now.

This could be a reason why Trump is the way he is. But with saying that, times have changed and so should the mindset of the people that grew up in those generations.

The Black Eyed Peas released a new and longer version of their single “Where is the love?” but made the title into #WHERESTHELOVE. And although it is not solely on racism, it highlights the many social issues that go on in our world today and was breath-taking to watch.

A huge aspect of this re-done music video is that it included people of all races and ages. What especially caught my attention was when rapper The Game said “Black lives not now, everybody matter to me, all races.”

This especially stood out to me because all of the police brutality cases against African American families has been a huge issue within the past couple of years and for someone of the African American community to come forward and state that it’s not just about one race, it’s about us being in union together is very impactful.

That is a point that we all need to grasp. That racism would no longer exist if we all just came together in unity and accept the fact that everyone is equal and should be treated as such. As it is stated in our Pledge of Allegiance, “…With liberty and justice for all.”