As many of us know,  the world that we live in can be a scary place.  Over the past few years we have seen numerous mass murders. These unfortunate events usually take place with a gun.  That is not always the case though.

Because school shootings and other mass murders usually take place with a gun as the weapon, some people feel that the answer to the problem is to ban guns.  I can assure you, that will not solve the problem.

To clarify my point, heading back less than a week ago, there was horrific incident at Ohio State University on Monday November 28.  According to WNEP, a male plowed his vehicle into a group of people.  He later went on to attack them with a butcher knife.

Crime scene on the campus of Ohio State University.  Photo provided by Fox News.

Over three years ago, there was a vicious and fatal attack in Boston, Massachusetts.  Near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, terrorists decided to set bombs off in the middle of the crowded area full of those supporting the runners.

Spectators, runners, and officials reacting to the chaos of the bombings in Boston.  Photo provided by ABC News.

The point that I am trying to make is that it is not the gun that is the problem.  Most people that commit these heinous crimes are not right in their mind and will proceed with or without guns.  The Boston bombing and the OSU attack both support that statement.

If we are to ban guns, what is to stop people from illegally obtaining them and using them.  There are a great number of drugs that are illegal in the country, yet there are people that illegally use and abuse them.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that about 8% of Americans 12 years of age or older have used illegal drugs within the past month.  Clearly the ban on drugs is working right?

Suggested Solution

I believe there are a few ways that we can address the problem of violence in the country other than putting a ban on guns.  The first of them would be to keep a closer eye on those that may have mental issues.  Giving them the correct treatment and supervision could prevent a lot of these horrific incidents.

Another step in solving some of the violence in the world would be to continue the seminars to teach potential victims of what to do in an event that their life may be in danger.  I understand that this may not stop the suspect from trying, but it may prevent violence from taking place on a mass amount of victims.

I believe one of the most important steps in preventing such attacks would be to arm yourself.  Most of these mass murders take place in environments where you aren’t allowed to carry guns or weapons.  If the potential suspect realizes that people are armed with weapons where their intended target is, that may prevent them from going there.

There are plenty of other steps in solving the violence problem.  I’d like to make it clear that they are all steps and would need to work together, not alone.  There is no single solution to end the violence in the world.

Constitutional Right

Photo provided by States Symbols USA

The last and most important reason that a gun ban cannot go into affect is for the sole purpose that as a citizen of The United States of America, it is our constitutional right to bear arms.  Thanks to the Second Amendment, we have the right to carry and protect ourselves.

If you are not a fan of guns, that is fine.  All that I ask is that you don’t make it a problem for me.  I find it comforting that I can carry and protect my friends and family from a potential psychopath.  Who knows, maybe it would even come down to me having to protect you.  I know I would in a heartbeat.