It is no mystery that the election results stirred up a lot of emotions, especially in Democrats. Concerns of unfair election results has arose from anti-Trump voters questioning the use of the Electoral College.

According to Politico, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 election by an excess of 2 million votes while Donald Trump grasped the presidency by obtaining the electoral votes of battleground states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. This has outraged many Democrats and Third Party voters saying the results of this election were rigged or unfair.

Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein are now attempting to conduct recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that would possibly cost over $10 million. Even as a Democrat and Liberal voter, I find this to be an absurd amount of money to be spent on a somewhat hopeless cause for many reasons.


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First, many analysts have stated that a reversal of Trump’s victory is virtually impossible. Even if the recounts unveiled a win by Clinton in any of these states, which is very unlikely considering Trump won each of these states by at least 10,000 votes, it is very unlikely that the Electoral College would change their distribution of votes.


Second, our founding fathers developed this system of voting in our constitution to ensure that each states’ votes were counted equally. As registered voters, we are all aware, well most of us, of the existence of the Electoral College and how it works. When we take advantage of our right to vote, we are essentially agreeing to the terms set by our country in regards to how our votes are counted and how our president is elected.

Third, while Stein has raised nearly $1 million to cover the costs of the recount in Michigan, a Detroit News article reported that it could cost around $4 million in additional costs to follow through with the Michigan recount alone. These additional costs could potentially be left up to taxpayers which would result in even more outrage from American voters.

Fourth, all of this talk about politics and the election has resulted in a neglect of important issues in the media. Scrolling through CNN, I have found an overwhelming number of articles flooding the top stories section focusing solely on the election, president elect, or presidential recount. Actually 7 out of 13 of the top stories currently on CNN involve Trump in one way or the other.

All of this news regarding the election is taking America’s eyes off of some serious issues in our nation and world. For example, the Gatlinburg wildfires that have resulted in 13 deaths and the advancement of the Dakota Pipeline protests have been skimmed over in the media the last few weeks to make room for more political and election scandals. I think it is time to put the election results to rest and start focusing on more important issues in our country.

Fifth, and most importantly, I can think of about a hundred causes that would be better suited to spend $10 million plus on than a presidential recount. In a recent Forbes Article, contributor Chris Conover reported that the $3.5 million already spent on the recounts could have saved 5,000 children’s lives if Stein and Clinton had invested in malaria prevention instead of a recount.

This made me think of all of the issues in our world that greatly exceed the importance of an unnecessary presidential recount. Have we all of a sudden forgotten about cancer, global warming, or poverty? All causes that could really use millions of dollars in donations.

My question to Stein and Clinton is: Even if you did not win the presidency, why don’t you put this money towards the issues you were advocating during your campaign rather than spending it on a pointless recount?