Airing tomorrow, December 5th, 2017, is the always fabulous, always talented, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  The annual fashion show – held in Paris this year – is a night filled with some of the top models in the world, modelling new lines of lingerie, sleepwear, and athletic wear made by Victoria’s Secret. For more detailed information, here is an informative article’s_Secret_Fashion_Show.

There are also various musical performances each year, this year including Lady Gaga, the Weeknd, and Bruno Mars.  While it is very entertaining watching this every year, you also have to deal with all of the social media arguments about the models being born that way, or only eating celery all day everyday.

Every single year, there seems to be multiple tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts bashing the models, their wrongly accused eating habits, and a lot of self hate.


I think that these posts are completely unnecessary, and instead being negative and claiming this show is degrading and rude, it needs to be looked at for what it truly is: empowering.

These women were not born with these bodies.  Yes, maybe their frames are small, but that’s just the half of it. Some of them were 25+ pounds heavier before they started working for their bodies.  These women train like no other, and have worked their way up to the top to have this opportunity.  It isn’t just handed to them because they’re thin and pretty.

In an article from Cosmopolitan,, trainer Justin Gelband was interviewed about the intense workout program he has them on.

The women train four to five days a week, for over an hour each time.  Their workouts are customized, each and everyone of them have their own set of exercises to get into the best shape for their body type.


It truly is motivating that each and every one of these women have trained for years and years on end to get the body that they want.  Aside from training at the gym, many have also taken years and years of ballet, or gymnastics to achieve the strengths that they desire.

So instead of sitting on your couch tweeting about how it must be nice to be that skinny, maybe consider how they got there. These women are being judged and compared to other models every second of everyday, in their underwear or in bikinis – it’s not an easy job for the self-esteem.

They also don’t live off of lettuce and celery. They work with Dr. Peter D’Adamo, who has them on specific diets according to their specific blood type, and calcium and iron levels. Trainer Justin Gelband says, “my no. 1 rule for clients is this: If you train and exercise with me, you eat — no juicing, no diuretics. It’s not a game where you have five carrots and a few string beans and a small yogurt. I don’t do that. I’m not into quick fixes.”

Here’s model Kendall Jenner scarfing down a burger and mac-and-cheese after the show was filmed.

Many of these models also have children.  They have given birth, and still worked off the weight after, and then continued to model.  It is hard work, this is no joke, and it’s not an easy task. Here is model Adriana Lima, who has been a Victoria Secret model since 2000, is 35 years old and has two children.

Being a Victoria’s Secret model requires physical strength, mental strength, self-esteem, determination, motivation, discipline, and self-love.  If people promoted more of this message, instead of hating yourself because you don’t look like them, there would be a lot more appreciation for these models.

If everyone had as much determination as them, you would feel just as good about your body because you worked for it, and you earned it. These models are near naked all the time whether it be for a photo shoot, interview, or fashion show— it’s basically their job to be in the best shape of their lives 365 days a year with no break, you try doing that.