President-elect Donald Trump has said over and over how he strives to ‘make America great again.’ He is apparently so committed to making that happen, that he decided to completely leave his business and devote all of his time to his current main priority- running our country.

After the election results, we have seen protests break out across the country in major cities like Boston, Seattle, Dallas, New York City and Portland. Many have taken to the streets to openly oppose the president-elect.

The great opposition comes from Trump’s inability to inspire confidence in the majority of American citizens. He has not presented himself as a true “man of the people,” which makes minorities and those in a lower socioeconomic class incredibly anxious.

Many have pointed out the fact that certain protests, like one in Oakland, have bordered on being considered riots. People have resorted to certain forms of violence, damaging property and in some instances, injuring other citizens.

Many people denounced the protests and his supporters have become angry at many taking such action against the election results. ‘#notmypresident’ has been used on Twitter by thousands of users.

Country-wide disapproval of Trump’s win.


Example of a tweet using the hashtag.


Those who did vote for Trump have called the Democrats sore losers and saying that they need to just accept the results and move on. Some have said that we all need to give Trump a chance because he has not entered office yet.

Many supporters just want everyone to show some respect because he is most likely officially going to be our president. It should say a lot that many just want him to be respected because of his title and not because Trump has given any reason to be respected based on how treats people.

Trump allies have dismissed essentially all reasons for someone to dislike Trump. They have decided to ignore the claims that many citizens will not benefit under his presidency.

Trump has recently brought members to his administration bent on imposing their highly conservative beliefs into legislation that could threaten the livelihood of many.

Tom Price has been selected to the lead the Health and Human Services Department. He is bringing in a potential alternative health plan to Obamacare that cuts programs like Medicare and Medicaid. It also takes away many preventive services and does not require insurance companies to take on those with pre-existing conditions.

His choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Myron Ebell, supports Trump’s idea that global warming is fake. He also does not believe that pesticides are harmful to crops or the people who consume those crops.

The least reassuring of all could be that his vice president believes in conversion therapy for those who are gay and has said that the LGBTQ community should not receive certain protections even though they are often a targeted group for hate-fueled violence and discrimination.

Trump may not have begun working yet, but his preparation has not given any comfort. There does not seem to be much hope for what direction we are heading in. It seems pretty difficult to give him a chance or to just deal with the fact that he won. He has already told us what kind of president he will be.

It is also easy to tell certain people to be more accepting when many of Trump’s supporters do not face much of a threat to their lives like others. Minorities have come to see the discrimination against them become more normalized.

The gay community has also seen their discrimination become more normalized. Our own vice president does not believe in gay rights and wants to have many of their protections taken away. Women could potentially see many of their healthcare benefits halted by reform and the repeal of Obamacare.

Krystina Robinson of Las Vegas carries a placard in protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States, across from the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Las Vegas
Photo credit: Reuters photographer David Becker.

Those who do not fall into any of those demographics cannot relate to the fear that many Americans are currently facing. It is not considerate or fair for Trump supporters to ask that he be respected as a president. A man who does not respect a majority of Americans is hard to stand by and look at as a true leader.

Trump supporters are asked to consider what we are facing. Many of their fellow citizens are merely expressing their concerns and exercising their first amendment right that allows them to criticize the government.

While violent riots are not the recommendation of anyone, most of us cannot understand what these concerned citizens are going through.

Trump supporters should try to alleviate people’s concerns more than anyone else should. We as a country need each other now more than ever.