A film about a plane crash landing onto a river starring Tom Hanks and directed by Clint Eastwood would be hard to mess up. Sully, a film based on the events that made Captain Chesley Sullenberger a hero, was nothing less than incredible.

While many expected the movie to be much more action packed due to Clint Eastwood’s reputation for delivering intense thriller movies, I was pleasently surprised when I was delivered a movie that was suspenseful, thrilling and educational yet slightly subdued.

Instead of trying to draw out an event that happened in 208 seconds, Eastwood strategically uses flashbacks from the past to show bits and pieces of the crash and how it occurred.

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Many would probably think that focusing on the court hearings and trauma in Sullenberger’s life that followed the plane’s crash landing would be dry and boring. However, Eastwood brilliantly pieces together past and present events in a strategic way. When I would start to get bored with the aerial jargon and facts, the movie flashes back to an action scene from the actual crash that kept me on my toes.

This film gave me everything could want in a movie based on a true event. Sully is beautifully made to be suspenseful yet emotional. Throughout the movie, I was given glimpses into Sullenberger’s family life, personal life, and professional life which allowed me to feel like I really know the main character and in turn kept me glued to the screen.

His PTSD from the event results in him having horrific nightmares about the crash and even hallucinations that allowed me to feel like I was inside of his head. Keeping the focus on Captain Sullenberger’s perspective was, again, an excellent move by Eastwood.

Tom Hanks was the perfect fit to portray Captain Sullivan in this movie. His experience in comedies, dramas, and thrillers allowed him to tap into the various emotions necessary to play this role. Hanks managed to add a dry humor to a dramatic and serious movie. This humor kept the movie moving and offered the audience a refreshing and light mood.

Sully also featured a soundtrack completely unique and based on the events that took place in the movie. The soundtrack, produced by Clint Eastwood, Christian Jacob and The Tierney Sutton Band, includes tracks that reflect and enhance the mood of each scene such as I Could Have Lost You, F4 Malfunction, and Simulation. These tracks add to the drama and suspense of the film.

Films based on true events can be sometimes anti-climactic and boring as we  often already know the outcome of the events that occur throughout the film. However, Sully does not fall under the category of anti-climactic and boring films. With a stellar cast, strategic plot, and experienced director, Sully  raked in $182.5 million in the box office and kept any audience member on their toes.

I was entertained from start to finish. This movie is a must see for anyone who is up for an educational, historical, suspenseful, or emotional experience.

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