The Girl on the Train is a dark, depraved film with an unexpected twist at the end. Definitely not a film for the kids.

The acting was superb, in a twisted way. The plot was pleasing and the ending was so shocking it was almost disgustingly satisfying. I was surprised at all the violence that took place within the story.

I first noticed this film while home casually watching TV when all of the sudden I was completely enthralled by the suspenseful trailer.

The trailer caught my attention because it was dark and edgy. I could tell it was a murder mystery just by the way the main character, played by Emily Blunt, was narrating it.

The opening scene of the trailer was a detective asking Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) if she had seen a woman that had gone missing Megan, played by Haley Bennet. She seemed groggy and anxious, like she had done something wrong but couldn’t remember. The suspense was killing me so I decided to finally go see it to see what it entailed.

After seeing The Girl on the Train. I can confirm that it was indeed suspenseful but very unpredictable. It is very clear that Rachel Watson was a struggling alcoholic with a lot of suppressed emotion within the first 15 minutes of the film, this gave the main character a somewhat of a guilt-ridden vibe.

I really liked how the film included different aspects of each of the 5 main characters lives and how they all interconnected to each other in a weird and twisted manner. It gave the audience a chance to see each character in a personal way and provided personality traits to each.

The whole time I kept re-guessing the murderer because everyone seemed guilty at some point of the film. The biggest shock yet was the twist at the end.

I will say that every actor/actress in this film played their part very well, especially main characters. From Emily Blunt’s, fuddled and weak part to Justin Theroux’s, who played her ex-husband, deceitful and unpredictable character.

Focusing more on the plot, it really put me through a loop. I was lost trying to keep up with all the twists and turns. Throughout the movie, there were numerous points where I thought every single one of the main characters was the murderer. And I would have never guessed who it actually was. Don’t worry, I won’t ruin it!

Many reviews of the film publicized that this film was not worth seeing. This was most likely stated in comparison to the book. I personally did not read the book so I did not have anything to compare it to and I really enjoyed the film.

Every point of the movie I was on the edge of my seat and was completely unprepared for what was to come next. At one point, I literally had to close my eyes because I could not take the violence.

I would absolutely recommend seeing The Girl on the Train, unless you are around children under the age of 14 and/or have read the book first. The suspense is a killer but I guaruntee the ending will provide some sort of satisfaction.