Ouija: Origin of Evil was the highly anticipated prequel to the original Ouija movie released back in 2014. This PG-13 film was released in theaters on October 21st just in time to snag those Halloween viewers looking for a haunt around the holiday. The first movie slightly fell short of peoples expectations so people were waiting to see if the second movie would have the same doomed fate the first one did.

This classic movie based off the famed board game, draws large crowds in with the hope of a good scare much like they hope when they sit down to play the game.hero_ouija2-2016-1

While this may have been a breath for fresh air for those who do not like jump scares (myself included), Ouija: Origin of Evil tried to thrill audiences but fell short of the spook.

We begin the film being introduced to a mother and her two children. Alice Zander is a mother trying to support her 2 kids after her husband passes away. She runs a seance business out of the family home in order to pay the bills.

One day after practicing her seance on night she summons an actual demon accidentally. This demon over took the body of her youngest daughter, Doris.

While the scene was set for a truly scary film, it didn’t live up to what I thought could have been a very scary story.

The only part that was a little cringe worthy was when Doris’ face became altered and her mouth opens wide while the spirit controls her body through out the movie.597742091

The basement served as the center of all evil in the movie. This basement is an old torture chamber and all of the major characters meet there end inside the basement.

One of the best parts of this film was the time period it was set in. It was set in the late 1960s and the movie stayed very authentic to the style of the home and the style of the characters.

Overall, the movie wasn’t a scary one but not necessarily one you should skip. If you are a fan of strong story lines and at times dramatic sequences you should cheek out Ouija: Origin of Evil.ouija-the-origin-of-evil