Fede Alvarez’ “Don’t Breathe” takes the term thriller to an entirely new level. The thriller/horror film toys with the audience making them feel as though they right there alongside the three troubled main characters.

The film is not the typical crime thriller story that you expect. With suspenseful and shocking twists throughout the film, you are bound to be in and out of your seat!

Rocky, played by Jane Levy is a teenage girl living with her mother and younger sister looking for a way to have a better life. Money, Rocky’s boyfriend played by Daniel Zovatto and Alex, played by Dylan Minnette get their kicks out of breaking into wealthy homes in Detroit to earn some extra cash.

Cast Members Jane, Daniel and Dylan 

The film starts off with the three teenagers going around to homes and stealing expensive items, without getting caught. Alex, whose father works for a security company, helps his friends out by being able to access keys to people in their towns’ homes. The film continues when the trio stumbles upon something that could be life changing.

Deep in the rundown town lives a blind veteran, played by Stephen Lang who had received a huge settlement due to his only daughter being killed in a car accident. The trio believes the money is hidden somewhere in the home, so they decide to give it a try and break in.

The trio believes that it will be a simple job, considering that this man is blind and they have done this many times before. But, they are mistakenly wrong when they come to the realization of what this man is capable of.

The film takes a turn when the veteran learns that there are people in his home, attempting to steal all of his money. The three friends who were expecting to walk away quickly and swiftly with a chunk of cash are in for a huge surprise when they witness how skilled this blind man actually is.

The film leaves the audience holding their breath as the characters are chased around a dark basement not wanting to be found by the blind man, but also trying to escape. The film does a fantastic job of leaving the audience feel as though they are trapped and stuck in that pitch black basement with the characters.

Throughout the main events of this story, you will be left tense and awaiting the crazy twists of plot that occur throughout the whole film. The ending of the film will leave you shocked and wanting more, trying to figure out how the writer of this intense story could be so smart with it.

The film is not your typical suspenseful horror film, which has left audience members either impressed or skeptical in how the film concludes. Overall, “Don’t Breathe” is a new twist to thriller/horror/crime films. If you are looking for a film to keep you in and out of your seat and love a good twist and suspense, this film would be a great choice for you!

The film can be purchased on DVD throughout this month of November!


Watch the trailer here for a quick sneak peek.