On Sept. 9, Jason Aldean’s seventh studio album, “They Don’t Know,” was released. The album’s record label is Broken Bow Records15 songs are on the album, and once again Aldean does not disappoint with his new music.

Feature songs:

The first song on the album, Lights Come On, was also the first song released as a single before the entire album hit shelves. Released in April, this song gets “They Don’t Know” off to a great start. Whether you’re blasting this song in the car, or dancing with friends at the bar, Lights Come On is another Jason Aldean party song that you won’t be able to keep yourself from singing.

A Little More Summertime, the second song on the album, was also released a few months prior to the album’s arrival to iTunes.

In this song, Aldean reflects on a previous relationship; a relationship that ended prematurely. While the circumstances are not revealed, we know that the relationship ended due to summertime coming to an end. This song will hit hard for people who have had a summer fling that ended before it truly began.

There are several songs on the album that are about relationships.

  • First Time Again (Duet with Kelsea Ballerini) –This song will surely tug at your heartstrings if you have ever been in a serious relationship. The song goes back and forth between Aldean and Ballerini, singing about how everything reminds them of their former partner, from the mention of their name to being out with a group of friends. Deep down, both people involved know that the relationship is over, but they still want each other somehow.
  • Whiskey’d Up – This song describes someone who can have a beer with some friends, or enjoy a glass of wine with a date and have a perfectly good time. However, when they start sipping on the whiskey, the memories of their ex come about, and they become depressed, knowing that their ex does not want them back.
  • In Case You Don’t Remember – this is a very nostalgic song taking place after a failed relationship. One individual in the relationship wants the other to remember all of the good times. This tune may come off as passive-aggressive, but the listener understands where the singer is coming from.
  • Ay Ol’ Barstool – If you’re just getting over your ex, this song is the one for you. The 12th song on “They Don’t Know” is not a revenge song, but rather a tune about proving your former partner wrong and showing that you’ve moved on.

Songs about relationships and break-ups cover a big chunk of the album, but don’t expect just that when you buy it. There is plenty of variety on “They Don’t Know.”

  • Comin’ In Hot -Comin’ In Hot is another song that gets the listener riled up. The lyrics “Comin In Hot” refer to a guy who is excited about taking his date out for a good time. Unlike the last two songs, this song references a pair that is early on in their relationship.
  • They Don’t Know – This song is about living in a small town where the rest of the world has no idea what kind of work goes into being from a small town. Those from or living in a small town will relate to this song much more than city folks will.

Album Rating: four-stars

Two months after its release, “They Don’t Know” is ranked number two on Billboard’s Top Country Albums list. I am not ready to call this Aldean’s best work of his career, but it is yet another solid album by the 2014 Male Vocalist of the year.

Once again, Aldean does not disappoint with his latest work. If you haven’t already, you can buy the album in stores, stream it on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes for $9.99.