Hello there, sneakerhead.

If you are reading this article, you are probably a basketball fan who is interested in wearing  and showing off some of the professional athletes big sneaker lines.  You know, look good play good, right?

Basketball shoes are one of the biggest ingredients in an athlete’s mindset to get the season underway.

With that being said, you are probably wondering what shoe to get for the upcoming season as we are approaching the first games and practices,  I got you covered.

Before you start off your before season shopping, let’s grasp some important tips and techniques. Let’s start of by stating the obvious concerns regarding basketball shoes.

These concerns are cushion, traction, support, material, and fit are five things that all shoe enthusiasts must take into consideration before purchasing their shoe for the season.

Well, after taking these concerns into consideration, take a look at the newly released Lebron’s  Nike Soldier’s X which includes a deep look at each of the five concepts of a solid basketball shoe and how well they look and feel on the feet.

Lebron Soldier X Colorways

Material:  The entire upside of shoe is one piece so it’s tough to slide your foot and go. The top of the shoe is also all mesh so in time you might have some trouble with this in the future of the shoe as it gets to be worn.

Support:  As soon as you strap these shoes up, you are golden. They provide support in the heel, at the sole, around the ankles and whatever else you may think.

Traction: The traction of these shoes can be summed up in one word, amazing.  I never had a shoe that resulted in so much grip. Even though they can be strictly used for indoor use, outdoor use is still acceptable due to amazing grip these shoes provide.

Cushion:  The cushion of these shoe isn’t the best but also isn’t the worst.  Me personally like the squishing in the sole when playing the sport I love, but these shoes are more firm which may be exciting and likable for some people..

Fit:  Worried about the shoe fitting differently than other shoes? Hold that thought, these shoes fit true to size and everything fits just as planned. A+ feature.

The overall appearance of the shoe is nothing short of a confident, I love these shoes feeling. The different colorways of the shoes make them appealing for any age or gender for a price of $140.00. The Lebron Solider X is a solid choice for this basketball season, athletes.

The shoe will not disappoint, I promise. The cons of the shoe will be severely outweighed by the pros.

So stop surfing the web for your shoe of the season, you have found your choice.

The looking stops now.

I won’t let you down.

Lebron Soldier X’s for the win.  Mission accomplished Nike.

Take a look at www.nike.com and make your purchase for the upcoming season.

Here’s a quick visual on a 0-5 rating of each concept of the shoe, check it out!