Bloodline, a Netflix Original Series, now has two seasons under its belt with a third one coming on an unconfirmed date sometime in 2017. The first season of Bloodline has us learn about a family, the Rayburn’s, which had years of dark history.

The first season presents a number of problems for the family. As brother and son, Danny Rayburn, comes home to reunite with his family, everything goes wrong. The dark history that Danny draws from the past to the present does not bode well for the family. 

The second season of Bloodline is where all that dark history seems to be creeping up on the Rayburn’s. The second season shows all the fatal flaws of each member of the family.

The second season of Bloodline starts off with the immediate reaction by the family to the death of Danny. It continues with the constant struggle of trying to suppress all the information that they know about Danny’s death. The main conflict in the season comes between the siblings John, Kevin, and Meg Rayburn. The siblings seem to struggle all season on how to deal with what has happened to their brother and what they will do to fix it moving forward.

Meg Rayburn – One of the three siblings of Danny Rayburn.


As the season progresses, Meg’s former boyfriend Marco who also works with John seems to have a growing suspicion about the Rayburn’s. After Marco and Meg split, his relationship with the family becomes strictly business due to his job as an investigator.

The second season concludes when Marco’s growing suspicion ultimately takes the three siblings to a breaking point causing John to leave town and Kevin to do something that is within his reckless nature; but something he might regret.

In my opinion, Bloodline did an excellent job with Season 2. The show is largely a drama in my eyes and they do a good job of exploiting that.

Certain people are in love with the idea of watching science fiction or high action shows, but for me a good drama will beat those two either time. This is why I am such a fan of Bloodline.

At the start of the second season I was still feeling some of the residual effects from the crazy ending to Season 1. In addition to feeling these residual effects, I now had some newfound questions on what’s going to happen next with the Rayburn family and the three siblings in particular. I thought to myself “What will John do now?” “How will Meg and Kevin react to John’s actions?” These are just some of the questions I had among many others.

In addition to the high drama that Bloodline provides it’s viewers with in Season 2, it also does a great job of answering some of the questions that Season 1 had left us with. The answers leave us viewers feeling satisfied but at the same time still wanting more. 

As the season progresses, the drama continues to build within and outside the family. The level of internal conflict between the three siblings rises by the minute along with the level of external conflict regarding the death of Danny. This heightened my senses as a viewer.

As the season nears its end, tensions heighten even more. Kevin and John seem to make rather drastic decisions while Meg seems distant, perhaps wanting the whole thing to just go away.

Kevin Rayburn – Another of the three siblings of Danny Rayburn.


As the season reaches the end it also reaches it peak. The climax of the season occurs in the last few minutes as the Rayburn’s make decisions they may never live down. This is a very exciting episode that puts a good cap to the season. It left me on the edge of my seat wanting more and thinking, “What’s next?”

Overall the second season of Bloodline was great. If I had to rate the season on a five star scale I would probably give it a 4.5/5. This seasons 4.5/5 would top the 4/5 that I would give Season 1. This season topped Season 1 because it answered most of the questions that Season 1 left us with. The season, and show thus far, has been very well done and I look forward to its continuation in 2017. 

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