When you hear the words Greek Life here at Bloomsburg University you can get a variety of responses. A lot of the times people either do not know about it, do not like it, or are completely involved in it.

But, the term Greek Life is filled with a whole different meaning to me and the organization that I am a part of here on campus, Alpha Sigma Tau.

For those of you who are not familiar with Greek Life here at Bloomsburg, I am going to tell you a little bit of what comes with joining an organization by showing some of the great things that I have gotten from being a part of Alpha Sigma Tau.

About Alpha Sigma Tau

Alpha Sigma Tau is a National Sorority here at BU. For those who do not know what that means, it means that it is known nationwide. There are different chapters of Alpha Sigma Tau at different schools all around the country.

Members of Alpha Sigma Tau in front of their house here in Bloomsburg. (Photo retrieved from Jamie Minnella)

The Beta Nu chapter here is made up of about 53 sisters ranging from seniors to sophomores. The sorority has been here on campus since 1979, and was founded nationally in 1899.

When speaking with President Allison Hileman, she had nothing but positive things to say about AST.

“Being not only the President of this sorority but being a sister for the past four years has helped me grow as a person. This organization has brought lifelong friendships, and has taught me so many different things. Being a leader of this sorority seems like it would be difficult to handle, but we work as a team here and that is what makes this position enjoyable”, Allison says.

Benefits to being a part of a Sorority

There is always one common question when talking about sororities, “What do you guys do?” There is a lot of stigma and negative attention that comes with the term Greek Life especially in our society today. People think it is all about drinking and partying with one another, but there is a side to it all that is more beneficial than one might think.

“The Greek Life Community as a whole here at Bloom completes over a total of 5,000 hours of community service within one semester”, says National Panhellenic Council Secretary Sydney Warick, “Being a part of NPC means that I work with the Greek Life Office here, but I am also the Vice President of Alpha Sigma Tau which is something I am proud to say. AST is one of the 10 sororities on campus that is completely committed to giving back to the community”.

There are many community service opportunities that Greek Life is a part of including Breast Cancer walks, canned food drives, and volunteering at the local food bank. Each organization specifically has their own service project, which is the one community service opportunity that is the largest and most important for that specific organization to volunteer for.

AST’s Service Project

Alpha Sigma Tau specifically completes 500 community service hours a semester out of that 5,000 total. The one service project that they are known for is volunteering each year at the Little League World Series.

Sisters working at the Little League World Series stop to take a picture with actress Candace Cameron-Bure. (Photo retrieved from Instagram alphasigmatau_betanu.)

The Little League World Series is a popular event held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Each year they host a series of baseball games for teams from all over including Mexico, South America, etc.

Senior Jenna Oslovich worked on the committee this year for the LLWS along with seven other sisters.

“The LLWS is something that AST has volunteered for for the past 8 years. We give it all we have got during the two weeks that we work, consisting of working long hours a day on our feet. We work a concession stand that sells ice cream, and also vend throughout the games selling waters, Gatorade, candy etc. But, at the end of the day we volunteer to help out and are thrilled to be able to be apart of this wonderful event”, Jenna says.

How you can join

When speaking with some other sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau, and other sisters from other organizations, they all had similar answers when asked one question, “Do you think that Greek Life is a known thing here at BU?”

The answer to the question was no, they do not think that it is known here.

“I think it is kind of sad that not a lot of people here know a lot about the Greek community. There are so many great things that come with being apart of any Greek organization here”, Junior Dana Spagnola says.

Statistics on Bloomsburg University Greek Life.

Out of the almost 10,000 students here at Bloomsburg University, 90% of them are not apart of Greek Life. A lot of the members of Alpha Sigma Tau and other organizations involved in the Greek community think that this is due to people not being aware of all that comes with being a part of an organization. The more people know, the more people we will have joining this community!

To find out more about joining an organization here at Bloomsburg University, visit Bloomsburg Greek Life.

For more information about Alpha Sigma Tau specifically, visit the AST Website or watch  AST Recruitment Video!