The Organization

Students Helping Honduras (SHH) is a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to end extreme poverty and violence throughout Honduras by using youth empowerment and education. A very interesting fact about SHH is that all donations go directly to the programs being built in Honduras. There are service trips to Honduras several times a year through SHH that host several hundred student volunteers. There are dozens of SHH Chapters throughout the U.S., primarily on the east coast. These chapters are located at high schools and various universities.They host multiple fundraisers, a popular one being Thrift SHHop. For more information, please refer to the link below.


BU Chapter

The Chapter at BU started Spring 2016. It was founded by Nicole Pfizenmayer, president and senior at the time. “It was a very bumpy and long process to get started but everything was worth it at the end, I knew I started something that could help make a change”, said Pfizenmayer. Over $1000 was raised within the first semester, which was donated directly to a fund for a new Pre-School in Honduras. There were many fundraisers, from bake sales to selling bracelets and how could we forget the First Annual Thrift SHHop, which raised over $300 dollars for individual trips. By the end of the first successful semester, the first trip took off in May 2016, where 10 BU Students went for 8 days and helped build the foundation of the Pre-School that they funded for.


I conducted several interviews about thoughts of the organization with members and non-members as well to see if the opinions would differ based on bias.

One non-member, Bryanna Peterson, said “I really didn’t know that it was that bad, I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell me.. that’s scary to think that kids are being killed or joining gangs at such young ages.” It was interesting to hear her opinion because before joining SHH, I felt the same way.

Fundraising for BU Chapter

There have been quite a few key fundraisers this year for the BU chapter. How fundraising works is that most of the event money will go straight to our SHH BU contribution, the only exceptions to this rule is Thrift SHHop which is divided for the individual members trip money and Threads of Hope, which all money is split in half for Threads of Hope and half is kept for our organization.

The Bloomsburg Chapter of SHH teamed up with another organization called Threads of Hope (TOH), bracelets made by children in the Philippines. The bracelets come in two styles, round, sold for $2 or 3 for $5 and flat, sold $4 each or 3 for $10. We have made over $600 through TOH so far, it is the most popular fundraiser.

Along with having the Thrift SHHop, SHH Bloomsburg also hosted a bake sale in the beginning of the year which made a little more than $300. There will be another bake sale on Thursday, November 1oth.

The Main Event

The Second Annual Thrift SHHop was held at Bloomsburg University on Tuesday, October 25th and Wednesday, October 26th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. This event consisted of donated lightly used clothes by college students that were resold from $1-10.


During the Thrift SHHop, I conducted interviews with members that were working the event and also members that actually went on the trip and experienced Honduras themselves. The people being interviewed were new members, Pip Ross (Senior) and Lauren Levengood (Senior). The members that went on the trip were Senior Tina Adornetto and Sophomore Julie Delucca.

Overall, Thrift SHHop raised a whopping $400 dollars. All money was divided among the BU chapter members that will be going on the next trip in January 2017. This event did not only help our members, it will be helping children in Honduras have the opportunity to receive an education.

Final Thought

I do understand that this story may seem biased because I am a part of this organization but let’s take a second and try to grasp the situation. Everyone deserves a right to be free and the right to an education. We have that right here in America. There are children that die everyday in this country. The power of this organization is only growing and every year a new chapter is made, more opportunity and purpose is provided for the innocent children that yearn for the care and love that they deserve. #GiveASHHit.