Lambda Sigma Upsilon is a Latino Greek-lettered fraternity at Bloomsburg University. They have been in Bloomsburg University since 1995, and have continued to strive on this campus. So I decided to interview some of the brothers.

After interviewing some of the current brothers it was clear that they truly hold their letters two high standards.

When asked what Lambda Sigma Upsilon was Gary Philips answered by saying “A Greek organization that started as a social fellowship, Lambda sigma Upsilon Latino fraternity incorporated was founded on April 2nd, 1995. Although this organization is latino based, it is not Latino exclusive. Lamda Sigma Upsilon was founded because our founders felt that they didn’t have a voice on campus; it was their way to stay connected and to empower themselves.”

Wanting to know more about Lambda Sigma Upsilon I went and asked Giovanni Hernandez the newest brother in the fraternity what LSU meant to him. “LSU, for me is a to connect and grow with other college students and future professionals, and for me only being a member for a few months, I’ve made connections and friends with people I thought I never would have if it wasn’t for LSU. It also helped me develop more character in so many different ways.”

I asked the same to Gary Philips his response was “For me, Lambda sigma Upsilon Latino fraternity incorporated has been an inspirational platform; I have seen myself grow due to the professional standards that my organization has held me to. It has brought both the best and worst out of me, but nevertheless, I love the fact that my organization has challenged me to be great in all aspects of my life.”

Like many Organization on any campus they either have some sort of event or are involved on the community. So once again I asked Gary and Giovanni what has Lambda Sigma Upsilon done at this campus and in the community.

“One of LSU’s main goals is to be a role model to the community, so we try to hold events that hold true to that. This month LSU has done the Alzheimer’s walk and we are also planning on going to the soup kitchen to help out the homeless. We also have events that show Greek unity by performing at yard shows with other Greeks on campus.” Said Giovanni Hernandez

As for Gary Philips “My organization gives us the platform to have events that have meaning. Every year, we hold events with the intent of promoting awareness of many topics, one of them being our philanthropy. Having workshops with meaning allows us to fulfill one of our goals: being role models in the community. Additionally, we also fulfill said goal by doing community service every semester such as volunteering at the local soap kitchen on occasion.”

Since being a part of Greek life is important to a lot of people I wanted to know how do you feel about being a part of the chapter here in Bloomsburg University.

“The chapter here in Bloomsburg is called the Tikal chapter and it is significant for the frat because it was the 10th chapter founded and the first chapter founded outside of new jersey making it the LSU national fraternity. Which is why its named the land far west of the motherland, because of the founding chapter being located in Rutgers University.  I take great pride because of its significance of what it has done for the Frat, so I want to make sure that Im always doing the best of my abilities and being a role model and leader on campus for the chapter.” Said Giovanni Hernandez.

 While Gary Philips said “The Tikal chapter, which is the name of chapter at Bloomsburg, has a very significant position in our organization. Being able to say that I am a member of said chapter has been, and continues to be a huge honor. “ 

 Being a part of Greek life is an important step for anyone; so I asked the brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon if they had any advice for anyone that is possibly interested in your fraternity or in Greek life in general.

“I would do some research on other orgs and make sure that what they see in LSU is what they see in themselves and make sure that our goals line up with theirs because it’s not always fun and games, it’s also business and don’t be afraid to get to know the brothers on campus.” Giovanny Hernandez