Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night during the school year, you’ll see the familiar Pink Wiener stand lit up on the corner in front of the diner in Bloomsburg. Students line up from around 10:00 till almost 2 in the morning for the infamous hot dogs.  Pink Wieners has been running since 2010, and owner Em  “had no idea it would ever get this busy.” Bloomsburg is very popular for its great food choices for the intoxicated, and Pink Wieners is definitely a location worth writing about.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the hot dog itself. If you could describe a perfect hot dog, I’m positive you’ll find it here. It has the snap of a hot dog from the city when you bite into it, the buns are always fresh, and the toppings with no additional cost just make the hot dog. Load up your hot dog with your choice of ketchup, mustard, cheese, chili, relish, onions, and sauerkraut. For just $2, you really do get quite spoiled. I surveyed students via Twitter to choose their favorite way to enjoy a Pink Wiener and out of exactly 100 students, these were the results.

Results directly off of Twitter. Survey ran for 48 hours and had 100 voters.
Pie chart of results from Twitter Survey

Clearly people thoroughly enjoy everything and chili and cheese the most, but no matter how you take your hot dog here, they are all pretty delicious and keep the students coming back. I asked various students their opinions on Pink Wieners and watched each person’s eyes light up when I even mentioned the name. When talking to Em, she told me, “I usually get nervous at the beginning of every semester because my best customers graduate, but luckily even incoming freshmen seem to have heard of us.” Senior Kaite Stahl said, “I will come back even after I graduate solely for Pink Wieners.” Em says she is “very grateful for the following [they] have.”

Let alone from the incredible hot dogs, they also have some pretty awesome merchandise for sale. If you buy 2 hot dogs and pay $5 instead of $4, you get a shot glass. The shot glasses change pretty often so many people make a point to collect as many different ones as possible. They are usually pretty funny, some with witty inappropriate jokes given the name. Aside from the shot glasses there are also shirts, sweatshirts, key-chains, koozies, and now even “tokens” available for purchase to redeem in the future for hot dogs.

They really are extremely smart with their products (both food and merchandise). Not only do they make money off of both of those things, but Pink Wieners now accepts credits cards which is huge. Not many college kids bring cash out because it’s easy to lose, and many kids passing through the area are going to bars so they have their cards on them. They have the chip on an iPad, so it’s quick and easy, and they also prompt you for a tip which many intoxicated students tip great because they’re so thrilled for their hot dog(s).  They have to bring in a killing because that line is rarely short. Em’s Pink Wieners also has a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Ems-Pink-Wieners-142355732467144/, that they keep updated often, post pictures, and communicate with customers.

Aside from their products, I do feel the need to touch on how great of people the owners are. Loved by many, Em and Ryan are honestly wonderful. I’ve had so many friends tell me they’re on a first name basis with them. Senior Ellie Pugmire told me “they let my roommate charge her phone there and she ended up leaving it; they ended up finding and messaging her on Facebook to let her know they had it.” They have also been said to occasionally offer rides home to those visibly too intoxicated to walk home safe, and they’ve also given out water at various times to those in need. They seem to care about the students here at Bloomsburg, and are always looking out for our safety.

I can’t speak for every student here at Bloomsburg, but I can speak for many, and I think that we are all grateful for Em’s Pink Wiener’s. The intersection wouldn’t be the same without it on a night out in town. The delicious hot dogs, the great products, and the even greater owners really make it a pretty irreplaceable business. Em’s favorite part of Pink Wieners is “never [knowing] what you’re going to see and it’s always entertaining,” but one of our favorite parts of Bloomsburg is Pink Wieners.