The typical Wednesday night for a college student at Bloomsburg University normally consists of doing homework, eating and hanging out. But for the students of the Bloomsburg Student Concert Committee or the BSCC, they are meeting to plan some of the biggest on campus events for students.

This group of 17 elected students are the people behind the scenes of every single concert/ comedy show booked through the CGA.The CGA created this committee to be in charge of all the concerts on the Bloomsburg campus. They have brought you Nick Cannon Presents:Wild ‘n Out, Big Sean, Kid Ink and many more!image1-5.JPG

While it may seem like a simple task the committee has a lot on its shoulders to pull off a successful show each semester. BSCC president Erica Hooven talks about how much really goes into planning a successful show. “We all sit down as a committee and discuss what is trending and on the rise in music. From there it is a process of getting student feedback and working out our budget to see who we will bring to perform in Bloomsburg”

She went on to add “Once we book a show the real process begins. We are in charge or promoting the show and selling tickets to students. The day of the concert we work from 8am until around 2am. We are involved in every single aspect of the show”

Senior committee member Darren Lucca discussed the importance of student feedback in order to book a great act. “While it would be easy enough for all of us to just sit down and pick an artist for the concert, we are here to entertain and please the student body to the best of our ability. That is why we use things like surveys and twitter polls to get feedback.”

The committees biggest way to connect to students is through social media. The organization has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Husky Sync and Snapchat as outlets to connect to the student body. Each account is run by a committee member and they refer to themselves as the “Social Media Squad.”image4-2.JPG

Jessica Berstler is in charge of this small group of members and knows the power of having a good presence on social media. “On Twitter alone we have over 2,500 followers who we are able to interact with. We have the ability to not only to promote our shows on these platforms but also get feedback on what students want and don’t want to see.”

While the committee tries it best to bring the students what they want to see sometimes they receive a lot of reticule. Over the past year the student body has been less than thrilled over the musical variety of the shows. “Ever since I started here as a freshmen, there has only been rap concerts at the university. Personally I like country and rock and I feel as if they aren’t doing much to switch it up” says Junior Taylor Mcdonald.

The committee had now vowed to switch it up for their upcoming shows. Hooven says “We have heard the students and will do everything in our power to switch up our selections for the next few shows.

As for now, the committee has yet to select an act for the upcoming spring semester and is focused on getting feedback from students along with taking applications for new members to join the committee next semester. From now until November 18th applications are open on Husky Sync to students in good academic standing who are interested in music and concert planning. Students who wish to join can fill out an application here.

We definitely have lots to look forward to when it comes to the spring concert. To insure your voice is heard we encourage you to visit the committees Facebook page and Twitter and let them know what you wanna see!