Frank’s Pizza Trattoria is one of the most popular pizza places in all of Bloomsburg. Frank’s is run and owned by Frank Nash. Frank is originally from Celano, Italy but moved to Bloomsburg three years ago with the vision of owning the pizza shop game with a well-run business. Frank’s is one of, if not the best, places to eat in all of Bloomsburg.


Frank’s Pizza was originally opened in 2013 towards the end of the calendar year. Frank’s Pizza was originally located at 134 East Main Street in Bloomsburg but just moved to 63 East Main Street about a year ago.

The move from 134 East Main Street to 63 East Main Street was a big move for the pizza shop. The reasoning for the move had to do with getting a bigger space and it was also about location. The new location of Frank’s Pizza puts the shop in a much better place to interact with the nightlife. It is closer in proximity to a lot of the big bars in town, which helps to attract customers late at night. This is what one of Frank’s key goals is. Frank’s Pizza is open til 5AM everyday. This is a major attraction of the shop. This helps to bring in customers not only on days that people are out late, but sometimes helps bring in those who just need a good late night meal.

The move apparently went well according to Frank. When asked what the move did for business Frank said, “The move did a tremendous job of helping my business. It is one of the best decisions I have made since originally opening up the shop. I would even go as far as to say that the move doubled my business.”



Peak season for Frank’s Pizza is the school year according to Frank. “While the school year is going on I get tons and tons of students in here everyday. I get students in here during the week and especially late at night on the weekends. The school year works wonders for my business. When school is not in session I still get a tremendous amount of customers but it is not quite as good as the school year,” said Frank.

Peak hours for Frank’s Pizza is the weekends late at night. “I get tons of business all through the week but business really heats up late at night on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. College kids come in after a night out or bar goer’s come in and they buy my food. Late nights on the weekends are very good for my business,” said Frank.

When school is in session Bloomsburg is a very vibrant town. Business picks up and so does the population. People, especially students, are all over. Due to the large population there are tons of small restaurants and pizza shops around town. It is important to be able to stand out from the rest when running a business. When asked what separates Frank’s Pizza from the crowd Frank said, “The number one thing that separates us from the crowd is our customer service. I feel as if we have some of the best customer service of any business in town.” In addition to the customer service Frank also cited Frank’s Pizza’s low prices and variety of food as reasons why the shop stands out.


Frank’s employees, Amira and Halim, echoed Frank’s comments on their customer service being the best.

“I just feel as if we have some of the best customer service around and that’s what really helps us as a business,” said Amira.

“We are very good at serving people what they want and we do so in a timely manner. Not only do we provide excellent customer service, but we also provide low prices and tons of food to pick from. You will always leave Frank’s Pizza feeling satisfied,” said Halim.

The only thing Frank loves more than his business is his employees. “I have the best workers around. I love them all. They are like family,” said Frank.

It is clear that Frank’s Pizza is a tight nit bunch. They all work very well together and enjoy doing so. With the new location and the work ethic that the whole staff provides, Frank’s looks determined continue doing very well going forward.

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