The idea for my infographic comes from my love of sports and sports history. If you tune in to a sports show nowadays you will most likely end up listening to a debate about who the best player is in each sport eventually. Recently it has been sports casters talking about where Lebron James will end up, for the last ten years it was all about Kobe Bryant. Kobe and MJ have more similarities to their game then Lebron does to either one of the two. What I decided to do for my infographic was put up a few statistics from Kobe and MJ and see how they matched up. Unfortunately MJ took a hiatus from the NBA for a few years, and Kobe played 20 seasons, so I had to look at these two in a different light. I decided to put the two in a head-to-head match up from their first ten years in the league. What I found was pretty surprising and they have scary similarities between them that I never knew about.


The link to my infographic is below.