By Anna Scott

This Friday, Bloomsburg University will host its annual Career Expo on its upper campus. The Career Expo hosts employers and representatives from various organizations at the event to recruit, interview and meet potential employees as well as potential graduate students.

Companies and programs from all over Pennsylvania will be waiting to meet university students looking to begin their life after graduation.

Dressed professionally and acting confidently, students will be able to take the reins at this event and look at their options as they are physically in front of them. Students are also encouraged to come prepared with a portfolio or resume. The day will be full of meeting, handshaking, and answering questions. But, students do not need to feel overwhelmed. In fact, the Center for Professional Development and Career Experience has published a short pamphlet instructing students on how to prepare for the event as well as what to expect.

A sign outside of Nelson Field House announces the expo.

Recently, I spoke with Jayleen Alvorado, a student at the school and soon-to-be graduate in December of this year.

She has plans to attend the expo, and when asked how she hopes to prepare she said, “I’m excited because this puts so much in front of you. I’ve already done a couple interviews back at home, so I feel ready to meet employers. I’m going to have my resume ready and probably research the organizations I’m most interested in.”

It is also never too early to get started thinking about this chapter of your life. Even involving yourself in an internship or job shadowing already establishes experience and give you credibility as a young professional.”

The Nelson Field House on upper campus.

It isn’t all about going and finding a career and only a career. You can also find an internship. Some kids even choose to continue schooling and go to find a graduate program that suits them,” said Delaney Hellman, University alumni and someone who has also found a connection for herself at a previous Career Expo. She was able to job shadow with Greenpeace USA, a non-governmental environmental association.

“The school is giving you these opportunities and you should take them,” she adds.

Leading up to the event, the Center for Professional Development and Career Experience (through Professional U) will offer workshops for those going to the expo. They will assist students in networking skills, professional writing for resumes and letters, first impressions and more. The Career Expo will take place on Friday, September 30, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. It will be held in the Nelson Field House located on upper campus. Students and faculty must register on the event’s page on the school website. It will direct you to Husky Career Links, which will provide instructions on registering.

The Career Center, located on the second floor of the Student Services Center.