Student Organization of Latinos is an organization that helps to build a bond between fellow Latinos and non-Hispanic students alike; it is also one of the many clubs and organizations under the Multicultural Center. SOL has been around for over twenty years it was founded by Jannet Rodriguez, Nerida Salgado and others.

“SOL is a club where you can come and build a family with people and share the different Latino cultures, and immerse themselves in different aspects of being Latino and giving people a me away from home. We strive to continue success for Latino students in higher education, while ensuring that they know they are not alone. You could make best friends in this club,with people that will be with you for a lifetime”.  said Shaidy Moronta a long time member of SOL.

Conrado Ramos, the current president of SOL and long-time member “SOL was a way for myself to find people who looked like me and acted differently, so it allowed me to broaden my horizon where I would feel comfortable in and create a family here on campus.”

One of the biggest events that sol has done so far is bring in multiple speakers to speak on campus. A few weeks ago they helped bring in the speaker Tim Wise who came and spoke about racism. Which is a large problem that is going on in America currently.  It something that could help bring the conversation to Bloomsburg.

One of the most important speakers they had a last year was an actress from “Orange Is The New Black” named Jackie Cruz who plays Flacca in the show. During her visit, she talked about her life and how it is to be a Latina in Hollywood and about her life story.  SOL has brought many other notable speakers since then each one bringing their own unique insight into different things.

Along with bringing different speakers, SOL holds many other events like a battle of the sexes every spring semester were men and women compete in a series of friendly games. They’ve hosted a variety of smaller events that anyone campus could attend; with many more yet to come.

After asked why someone should join SOL both Shaidy and Conrado said “that it’s a great away to make new friends and gain a new family.”

So if you’re interested you can go to a meeting in the Kher, every Monday at 7pm in room 410.