It is no secret that Bloomsburg University along with other Pennsylvania Universities are expected to strike against the state union .  There have been numerous complications with coming up with some type of negotiable way for everyone to be happy with their contracts. Seeing as how the union is no longer meeting the universities employees half way, they  have threatened to strike. This strike will cause a delay of traffic within these universities . The delay of traffic will consist of professors being out somewhere protesting,which means classes will be canceled.  With classes being canceled , students who were meant to graduate this semester will perhaps now have to wait until next semester to graduate.

Graduation being put on hold has caused numerous of students to be upset with the strike. Marie Holloway is one of the potential students that were meant to graduate this semester;but with the strike taking place Holloway might not be going anywhere anytime soon. Holloway stated, ” At first I thought a strike would mean just us students sitting around until we get further notice when it would be over, but now that I hear I might be stuck here for an extra semester affects me more than ever”. There are some students such as Holloway who cannot afford to stay here an extra semester. Now they have to think of some type of solution to avoid this problem. Not only are students upset,but so are the professors.

Professors here at Bloomsburg University have done an excellent job with holding their breathes about the strike. All but one,John Wardigo decided to speak up about it. Wardigo stated “They want me to work more for what they are paying me and are also giving me less benefits”. Looking at Professor Wardigo’s office it shows that he is more than ready for the strike that will take place in perhaps just two weeks. The strike is predicted to take place on October 19th,2016 located on the quad.