The Annual Bloomsburg Fair is in town again, the 161st time to be exact. People come from all over to experience the 10-Exhibit filled fun. There are many attractions to be seen at the fair from any fried food you could think of to merry-go-round galore but a personal favorite is of course, the animals.

This was my first time at the fair and all I could focus on were the various animal exhibits. Anything from Bengal Tigers to Fawns, the range is as wide as can be. The astounding 1 1/2 foot albino rabbit to the largest rat in the world, you will never be bored with options of what to see next.

“I love when the fair comes around.”said Shannon Jackson, Bloomsburg University Student. “My favorite part was definitely when I saw the farm animals, the baby pigs fighting was a sight to see.”

Hungry piglets play-fighting before lunch.
Goat exhausted from being the center of attention.

When interviewing people, a big issue that kept coming up was about the animals being help in cages. There was questions about if they are held in captivity on a daily basis outside of the fair but that question was unanswered.

A big defender of the animals was junior at BU, Gabrielle Juliano. “I come to the fair solely to see the animals, the dogs especially, I want to take them all home!”

Happy-go-lucky pug loving the attention from BU students and families.

It is obvious that the Bloomsburg Fair is a huge hit. But the animals make it all the more worthwhile. By visiting their website, you can gain just as much information as if you were there in person. There is everything from the total attendance of each day to detailed descriptions and pictures of each exhibit/event, even live views from the fair grounds. There is even a tab that holds a schedule of all the Livestock that are held there with a schedule of when certain events will be held. If you haven’t experienced this amazing opportunity, seize your chance next year!

Bloomsburg Fair Website

Bloomsburg Fair Livestock Schedule