BLOOMSBURG, P.A. – For the 161’st time, the Bloomsburg fair is in full swing

That’s right, the annual spectacle taking place in downtown Bloomsburg has residents, tourists, and Bloomsburg students flocking to the fairgrounds in bunches. The fair is open daily, 9:00 am until 10:00 pm through Saturday, Oct. 1.

Every year, the anticipation for the fair lingers as the opening day approaches. Bloomsburg students look forward to the fair as a way to spend some time away from campus.

“I look forward to the fair for several reasons, but the top reason would probably have to be the food,” said Mike Quaranto, a Bloomsburg University student. “I like to try different things, but I particularly enjoy anything that’s deep fried.”

There are several stands that sell deep fried items at the fair. Deep fried Oreo’s will always be a classic, but there are stands that deep fry things like Snickers bars, “Uncrustable” sandwiches, and Reese’s cups. There is even a deep-fried sandwich known as “The Defibrillator.”

One particular vendor sells an item that is much different than your average funnel cake, “The Blooming Onion”

Bloomsburg students show off “The Blooming Onion.”

“The Blooming Onion is a mild Spanish onion that we peel, put through a cutter, add batter, and then deep fry,” said Jolene, the manager of a Blooming Onion stand. “We serve it with two different sauces, and it is cooked in canola oil.”

Deep fried food brings a lot of hungry people to the fair, but all of the farm animals at the fair are a big draw too. Rows of barns house horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and more.

The “Barnyard Cackle ” show is one of the new exhibits at the fair this year.

This year, there are a few new displays in this section. Outside of the poultry display, there is a puppet “Barnyard Cackle” chicken show for children to enjoy. If you want to know why the turkey crossed the road, you will have to stop by this exhibit and find out the answer for yourself.

chicken show 2.JPG
Corner view of “The Barnyard Cackle.”

Another new live show fair-goers can see this year features the endangered Bengal Tiger. The tigers are under the care of Ada Smieya-Blaszak and her son. Fair-goers can catch the tiger shows every day at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm.

There are also a number of concerts that Bloomsburg students and residents can attend. This year,  Jake Owen, Lee Brice, and The Band Perry were the country concerts that took to the Grandstand. There were also other entertainment events at the Grandstand, including a Figure 8 race and a Truck & Tractor pull.

Fair week brings people from all over to Bloomsburg. The town can be looked down upon just for being small, but the fair brings so many people to central Pennsylvania. No matter where you are from, attending the Bloomsburg Fair will show you how great of a town Bloomsburg really is.