CNN and POLITICO to Host Events on Campus

Texas Campus Carry Protest: Students for Concealed Carry at UF Reacts

Each of these articles focuses on an event taking place on a college campus. I chose two articles that dealt with political events because I plan to write a hard news article about the upcoming Vote Jam taking place on Bloomsburg’s campus in October. This event will consist of several politicians who will come speak to the Bloomsburg community about the upcoming election, feature bands in between speakers, and a debate at the end of the day between our campus democrats and republicans.

I think both of the articles I am analyzing to be great examples of digital news because one simply covers a future event that will be happening on a college campus and is very informative while the other one covers an event that is currently happening on a college campus and causing a lot of controversy. This gives me insight on how to write an informative hard news story about a future event while giving me multiple perspectives on how to engage readers and make a somewhat dull, informative article more interesting for readers. These articles are also both unbiased which makes them credible.

Initially, I notice that both of these articles use effective digital art, photographs, that were taken at the event. The first photograph from the College of Charleston article is a very high quality and well framed photograph of what I assume to be anchors from either CNN or POLITICO. The other photograph from the Texas campus article is an “in action” shot that was taken place during one of the protests on campus. While both are effective uses of digital art, I believe the photograph from the Texas campus article is more effective because I am engaged in reading the article just by looking at the photograph.

In each of these articles, you will also find a video. The article about the College of Charleston contains a video that recaps a past event at the college and the article about Texas campus protestors contains a video of the protests happening on campus. Again, I find the use of digital art to be more effective in the Texas campus article because the cover picture for the video shows students raising sex toys in the air in protest of concealed weapons. This shocks the reader’s emotions and engages you to watch the video and keep reading.

There are very few things I dislike about these articles. The article about the College of Charleston is a little dry because it is simply informing you about an event. I am unsure how you could make this article more appealing to readers. This is something I will have to look into for my hard news article. The article about the Texas campus is interesting just because the topic they are writing about is more interesting and news breaking. The only thing that I don’t like this article is that the writer did not include any hyperlinks to her sources which degrades the credibility of the article. I will be sure to add hyperlinks to my articles in the future.