In less than two weeks, presidential nominees Donald Trump(R) and Hillary Clinton(D) will square off in the first of three presidential debates. According to the New York Post, Hofstra University will be a full house on September 26th when the host the highly anticipated debate. While many are scrambling trying to get their tickets, the nominees are preparing to discuss hot bed topics in front of the nation.

One of the biggest issues both will be addressing is the war on terror. On Sunday September 11, both Trump and Clinton attended memorial services at Ground Zero to pay respects to those who lost their lives 15 years ago. Both candidates take the events of that day to heart being that they are native New Yorkers.

Both have previously spoken on their views on the Iraqi War and are on opposing ends. Wall Street Journal reports that Trump believes former president George W. Bush made a mistake by going to war in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Clinton believes the Iraqi Army is struggling and they still need US assistance in order for them to make steps toward freedom.

Another issue both are strong on is rebuilding the economy and creating jobs. Trumps plans include implementing large tax cuts and putting Americans back to work. Clinton is focused on rebuilding the middle class and rewarding those who work hard for their country.

A lot more will happen between now and the debate but one thing is for sure, both candidates will go in well armed with their ideas and retorts. This election will be a close race for the books and these debates leading up to the vote will be a deciding factor of who will be the future Commander-in-Chief.

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