The day that everyone has been talking about for the last year or so is quickly upon us; the 2016 presidential election. When people bring up politics I am usually the one to say ‘I don’t know enough about it’ or ‘let’s talk about something else’ because in reality it is the truth, I don’t normally want to talk about it because I don’t like to get involved with it. Yes, I know some people might think that is unethical or just flat out non-american of me not to talk about politics and who is going to be potentially running our country. But, in all honesty I despise the argument between people about who they think is better and who ‘sucks’ more.

With this election specifically, I feel as though it is either all for Trump or all for Clinton. There is no in between with people, either you hate Trump or you love him, or you hate Clinton or you love her. With what I see and hear on the news or within the media, it has even come to the point where people are changing their political party because of the strong feelings that they have for these two candidates,

“Since the beginning of the year, nearing 50,000 registered Democrats in Pennsylvania have switched to the Republican Party and as many as 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts have made the same move in their state.”

Is that really how we want the next president of the United States to be elected? That they win because people just hate the other candidate more than the other? No, that is absolutely not how it should be. People aren’t voting this election for who they think will be the better candidate, they are voting to vote against a candidate that they do not want to see in office.

Although I can sense some strategy in this seeing as it is what most people are choosing to do this election, but that is not how I was taught how to vote, or how to be in that matter. I think that the next president should be someone who we can see as a good advocate for this country and someone that is going to fix the problems we are in and strive to make our country better than it already is. I shouldn’t be voting against someone because of something they said in a press interview I didn’t like, but that is how this election seems to be going.

Each and every day there is something on the media about some awful racist thing that Donald Trump said, or what BS Hilary Clinton was talking about, that no one even really knows who is actually in the lead with polls, or who is making a better argument or stance for presidency.

I check the news almost every day, and the difference of the talk about the polls is shocking to me. There is no clear lead in this election, and that scares me and probably most other people as well. I think it is going to come as a shock and disappointment when this election comes to a close with either one of the candidates running. Our country is so busy on putting down the other candidate that they aren’t even paying attention to what truly matters this election, and I think we are all in for a rude awakening.