As the title reads, I am not the firmest believer in politics nor do I have any interest in the subject matter. What is even worse, is that I finally thought that I was ready to register to vote, I became aware who the two candidates would be. What I will be highlighting is reasons and the basis on why this upcoming election will be the most precarious one yet.

This upcoming presidential election has America in a rut. Yes there are obviously people who are going to votes for Trump and people that prefer Clinton. But what’s so different about the 2016 election? There are too many people that do not want anything to do with either party!!!! I am not one to be able to back up why these candidates are found to be incapable of being the president, but there are too many people out there that agree that this could be a catastrophe, no matter who wins.

I did some more research on how both parties are unfavorable. One, being a journal of news and opinion and another just on news. The first article I found said that Donald Trump is one of the most “unfavorably viewed of any candidate over the past seven decades”… and Hilary Clinton was not much further behind.

“An unsettled nation unhappy with its choice” is how the second article started out. I couldn’t put it into any better words myself. According to this source, an outstanding 81 percent of Americans said that they were afraid to vote in this election and a quarter agreed that they have no preference on who wins. There are higher unfavorable percentiles on BOTH candidates.

Basically saying “we’re screwed” from the get-go; is that not enough to overthrow both Trump and Hillary??

Donald Trump. A business man, formerly known as the “You’re fired!” pundit. There are many things that a business man can do in this world, but run a country is not one of them. To be a business man, is to act fast, make quick decisions for the matter of a company or corporation, not for the means of a whole country’s lives/livlihood. According to the Huffington Post, Donald Trump reportedly threatened an act of war due to Iranians making hand gestures at a navy ship.  There are commercials of real footage of Mr. Trump swearing, threatening, lashing out on national television. He has made harsh comments AGAINST other countries that we may be allies with. In my personal opinion, I don’t see someone that reacts in such a belligerent way as our president. Donald Trump is an antagonist.

Hillary Clinton. First Lady, United States Senator and, most recently, Secretary of State. If we were to elect a president based on experience, she would be our first choice. However, the private e-mail scandal is enough for America to turn their back just as fast. There are many things that one should not do when in the spotlight, politically-even more so. THIS is one example of how personal the life in a presidency can get. If she is not prepared to withhold that responsibility, then she is extremely unqualified.  The New York Times published a play-by-play of this whole ordeal. A “careless” liar is NOT someone we would like to have for our president.