Democrats, for the first time, their woman. There’s even an independent making a splash by gaining some followers. He’s even gotten close to the 15% in the polls needed to get a spot on the debate stage. Voters can start to see what the reality of our election is looking like-we’re in trouble. So the presidential election is set. The Republicans are have chosen their man, and the

The Republican party never really looked strong during the primaries. The debates looked like a circus, with no issues being talked about, just childish, playground insults. Trump led the entire primary race after losing Iowa on the first day. Looking at present day, the Republican party is split. Some stand by Trump, and are getting ready for a wall, and some are disgusted by him, however he won with ease, after everyone dropped out leaving Donald Trump, and his “small loan of a million dollars” the last man standing. The Republican convention in Cleveland, OH was mocked on just about every comedy sketch show on TV, as the world saw what may have been the first move in the collapse in the US.


Now the Democrats have been interesting to watch. In the beginning, Hilary Clinton was ready to just accept the nomination with no realistic competition in sight, until Bernie Sanders stepped up to the plate. His political revolution quickly gained a following, and Bernie supporters were loud. His radical left views which seemed unrealistic to some, attracted much of the young vote; enough to cause a scare for Hilary. With Bernie supporters crying foul play, Hilary watched Bernie die off in the final days of primary voting, and after a passionate convention, Hilary became the first woman to win the presidential nomination from a major party.


Very few third party canditates make any type of effect on the presidential election, but
Gary Johnson is making some noise. Left wing Republican, Johnson is running as an independent, and with the latest polls showing him at 14%, he is one point away from a spot on the debate stage this fall. His supporters are mainly people who feel like Trump and Clinton are both worst case scenario, and looking for a third option.


While it would be interesting to see Gary Johnson on the debate stage, I don’t think it’ll help any of his momentum. With Trump in these debates, it’s just going to be him making fun of Hilary for being a woman, or her email scandal, and she’ll attack back, but no real issues would be talked about.


Now the latest polls have showed that Trump is catching up to Clinton, but Hilary still leads. So, who has the best chance to become president? Well, Donald Trump thinks that Bernie supporters will come to him. If a Bernie support is now considering voting for Trump, they never supported Bernie in the first place. Bernie supporters are becoming just as loud about Hilary as they were about Bernie. I think the voters who are on the fence will side with Hilary, and she will be the 45th president of the United States, and the first woman president. However, Trump if somehow Trump can pull off the win…well, God help us all.