2016 has been a year filled with confusion about what is happening in our world. Nothing is as confusing and all over the place as the presidential election right now.  From Donald Trump saying just about anything to try and get people to vote for him to Hillary Clinton’s never ending email scandal constantly popping up. It feels as though this election went south really fast leaving people puzzled.


While doing research I found an article in the New York Times talking about how much disclosure the presidential candidates should have. What started this resurface of how much information a candidate should give was when Hilary Clinton said she is willing to release her tax returns to the public and Donald Trump has yet to do so.  Emily Bazelon, the writer of the article, went on to discuss how it really wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century when presidential candidate’s finances and personal lives got brought into the public eyes. She goes on to talk to about Richard Nixon and how during his campaign he was hounded by the press headlines talking about a “Secret Rich Men’s Trust Fund” that was created to pay for travel expenses and other things. This led to expectations for candidates and presidents to have to reveal some of their public life to the public. It wasn’t until the 70’s, after Watergate, where there was some type of boundary established that the press couldn’t cross. So it was unsure whether or not they had dug too deep into a candidate’s life.


Flash-forward to present day, people are currently interested in the medical records of both Trump and Clinton. Trump states that his doctor wrote his letter in what seems like an oddly fast time of five minutes saying that he was in good health. When Hilary released hers, she even included a statement from her doctor about the time she recovered from a concussion about 4 years ago.  In today’s society where the internet is everywhere and privacy is low, it could only be a matter of time before people start to want more from each of the candidates as election time arrives.


Aside from each of the candidates trying to one up each other in whatever way possible, it seems as though each keeps doing whatever they can to try and grab the voters. Trump changed his opinions on multiple topics more than once. The main one being his plans to build a wall across the U.S./Mexico border and deporting all the illegal immigrants. Last year when asked again he said he still wants to move them out but bring back some of them but legally. The list goes on and I will include it if you want to read the full list. There’s a lot of situations where Trump has changed his mind, over 30 of them according the NBC article. As for Hilary Clinton, it seems more like she is trying to appeal to the younger potential voters by trying to relate to them in odd ways. For example, if you YouTube “Hilary Clinton dabbing” you get an awkward video of her attempting to do a popular dance move.

While her attempts seem less wishy washy it seems a bit milder compared to Trumps.

All in all, this presidential election seems like it’s been going on for years and hasn’t been the most straight forward and normal.