The 2016 Presidential Election is only 60 days away, and I still have no idea who I am voting for. Until around two weeks ago I didn’t know there was another presidential option other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Up until then, all I was thinking about was, do I even want to vote and who can envision doing a good job running this country.

When I heard that Donald Trump was thinking about running for President of the United States, I laughed. First because the idea of Trump being President was such a crazy thought that all I could do was laugh. Second, because it was just another outlandish thought that Trump had and I did not think it would ever come to fruition. I, along with others I assume, never thought that he would ever actually follow through with that statement. Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician, how could he think that he knows enough to become President. There are people with aspirations of one day becoming President, who work hard their entire life and never come close to running. Then here comes Trump, with no previous work or experience in politics and he thinks he can run the country without the proper training or knowledge that he needs to do a good job.

Then there’s the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, who scares me just as much as Trump does. Everyone knows about Hillary; the wife of Former US President Bill Clinton and the woman who has mysteriously lost a bunch of classified emails. She has all the training and the experience one needs to be considered to run this country, however she has been involved in a few too many scandals. She frightens possible voters because she comes off as untrustworthy and devious. Those are not the type of qualities one looks for when deciding who the want to vote for. As of right now, Hillary Clinton has a slight lead in the Presidential Election over Donald Trump, and according the New York Times, has an 81 percent chance of winning the presidency. Also mentioned in the New York times article is that most military active and veterans seem to think that Clinton is not a good choice for President and stand with Trump. I thought that was a bit surprising, seeing as how radical Trump’s ideas are for if he becomes President.

Then there is the other option for the president of the United States, Gary Johnson. He is the Libertarian nominee who served as the 29th Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 as a member of the Republican Party. He was also the Libertarian Nominee in the last election as well. All of the funding that Johnson has for his presidency has come from donations. That means that zero percent of the money he has used came from super PACs, unlike Clinton who has received over $25 million dollars according to Alec Goodwin of OpenSecrets.org

All I know, is that I am happy there are still 60 days left to decide who I think will make a good President of the United States. I know my opinion is just one person and will not make much of a difference, however I just hope we find the right person for the job.



Setting it straight: Hedge funds to Clinton plus super PACs, $25.6 million; to Trump, $2,000