img_570e96188aed7Social media plays a huge part in just about every aspect of our lives in current days, from health to education and so on. The upcoming election is no exception for this as social media has constant coverage of the upcoming election. Not only are news outlets releasing stories and updates, but our candidates have turned to social media with greater usage than I think most of us expected.

A statistic provided by an article on Government Technology says, “In 12 months, the country has collectively spent more than 1,284 years reading about Donald Trump on social media.”

Donald Trump has turned to social media in what seems as an attempt to connect with our generation, the millennials. The Fox 8 article refers to Trump as, “the king of social media among the candidates in this fall’s election.”

“Mainstream media never covered Hillary’s massive “hacking” or coughing attack, yet it is #1 trending. What’s up?”- Donald Trump’s tweet on September 6.

Hillary Clinton also chimes in on Twitter when she tweeted on September 7, “Donald Trump has proven over and over again that he’s unfit to be our Commander-in-Chief.”

Our candidates have both been very vocal through social media, primarily Twitter. The Fox 8 article also mentions that stories have been evolving based off of social media. Once someone posts something on social media, the media then covers it.

Not only are the candidates personally posting on social media, but their followers have been extremely outspoken on various social media platforms. The biggest that I’ve personally seen would be Facebook. I have a wide selection of friends on Facebook between my friends, my sibling’s friends and my mom’s friends. I would say that my mom’s friends are much more vocal on Facebook then any of my friends more my age.

However, these posts are more prevalent whenever one of the candidates make a move.

Another social media platform in which I have seen the election process broadcasted is through SnapChat. There have been stories posted from a variety of their stops in each candidate’s campaign. Here we definitely are able to see some of the negativity towards candidates. I have several people who I followed who attended Trump rallies. I have no followers who posted about Hillary.

An interesting way to look at the social media usage by the candidates is to look at is as a cheaper way to campaign. With social media the campaigns can be broadcasted faster and cheaper, saving money on additional ads. Tweets are free and retweets as well which are how the information continues to spread at an incredible rate.

I really do not like that social media has been so prominent so far in the election. To me, it’s more negative than anything with the way our candidates talk about one another via social media.

I will be honest when I say I have not followed the election closely, I think that we do not really have a good candidate. Donald Trump to me is more about his image and we all know there is clearly something fishy with Hillary Clinton and the e-mails. I am registered to vote (as of about a week ago) but I am not entirely sure if I will be voting.