It is no secret that the 2016 presidential election is perhaps the most anticipated election of all time. This will be the first election I am eligible to vote in making it that much more interesting to me. The two main candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

When the path to the election first started for Donald Trump in June of 2015, a lot of people considered him to be a joke. People took and continue to take shots at him often calling him ‘nothing but a reality TV star’. However the race was on once Trump declared his running for president and he was poised to make a splash. No one was sure how big that splash was going to be however.

The way Donald Trump has conducted himself since his candidacy began is not much different from how he always conducted himself. Trump grew up with wealth and at a relatively young age his father gave him a lump sum of money that he has ultimately turned into around $4 billion. It is this wealth that allows Donald Trump to speak and act the way he does. Trump has always said whatever he wanted to throughout the years. He takes pride in not being politically correct like most if not all other candidates. Years back, Trump doubted Obama even being born in the USA. He asked to see his birth certificate because Trump claimed he was foreign and in turn was unfit to be the president. Trump has called Hillary Clinton crooked, Ted Cruz a liar, and in some cases was even openly racist. This platform that Donald Trump has been working with has been the base for his whole campaign.

The funny thing about Trump’s campaign is that the more outrageous stuff he said the more it seemed to help him. Trump would appear on talk shows or during debates and blast certain people or groups of people and then his numbers would rise. It was the exact opposite of what you thought would happen. Usually when a person is openly racist it ruins their career. Well, it seemed to not only help Trump’s career but also take his campaign off. Trump’s bashing of Mexico, other candidates, and a litany of other things/people led to him receiving the most votes in GOP primary history.

Trump’s steam actually continued to grow after he received the most votes in GOP primary history all the way up until July 30th. On July 30th Trump actually took the lead 50.1% to 49.9% (Hillary) on’s Election Forecast. is a reputable site run by statistician Nate Silver. The site has done a great job of calling past elections.

Trump’s campaign has been very interesting to say the least. He has done things his way and I think that is what it was all about for him. Standing up for what he and his party believe in.

Trump’s campaign, win or lose, will come to an end on Tuesday, November 8th. Right now almost every reputable site is projecting him to lose the election pretty heavily but in life you just never know.