We can all safely say that this election has really rocked history and will be discussed for years and years. What we have seen has almost appeared as though the entirety of America is watching a movie. Comedy or horror? I’m not sure. But it has been interesting to see how it has developed overall. One of the most fascinating aspects of this election for me has been watching Donald Trump take off the way he did. When he announced his candidacy, many thought he was kidding. More thought he just wouldn’t make it very far as someone who knows nothing about politics but (questionably) knows much about business. In the beginning, it was thought that he would get weeded out and tossed aside by more serious candidates. But probably the most serious of each side have been the ones to fall short.

Now, he is the official Republican nominee and the only way anyone can recall it happening is watching him stand behind a podium shouting obscenities. He has thrown out every rule and procedure during the entire race. He has failed to relate himself to the people at all and has also failed to come up with any solid plan for the issues that have been presented to any of the candidates. Not much can be said for his abilities or trustworthiness. No matter what is said about Hillary, I think we can rely even less on Trump than we can her.

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Through all of it though, he has gained enough attention and apparently earned enough money. For as many who oppose him, there are apparently just as many who brought him to this position and gave him pushes closer to the presidency. This country loves to hate him, yet through our own system we have allowed him to take the most serious position in government and turn it into a joke. It isn’t so much about who can promise the most or who cares enough, it’s about who can afford it. The presidency, I think, is losing meaning the closer we get to November. People can say they hate him and that they are moving to Canada all they want, but it was our own democracy that gave him this power and it would be hypocritical to leave it.

I won’t write solely about the Republican side and avoid the Democratic side. The democrats have a lot to answer to as well. It is no coincidence that the two most wealthy candidates on either side got the nomination. Donald Trump has money but so does Hillary Clinton. While she has not alienated groups or fired hate speech at any of her rallies, she is a contributing factor to this bought election. Many have trust issues with her and even though she is not as outspoken as Trump, we have reason to worry about how she would conduct herself in office as well. Just in a different way.

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There are going to be no winners I think after this is all said and done and election day is over. I think the only thing Americans should take away from it is that while we love our democracy, it is the most dangerous form of government in the world.